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Introducing the Ultimate 3-2 Offense Playbook

If you're looking for an easy way to improve your offensive spacing, get better ball movement, and create tons of high percentage shots for your basketball team - then the 3-2 Offense is for you!

Inside the brand new 3-2 Offense Playbook, is jam-packed with simple, fun and effective basketball plays that work with all ages and competitive levels.

It's everything you need to score more points in your half court offense and dominate your competition.

From motion offenses.. to continuity offenses... to simple quick hitters and set plays.

Best of all, every tactic in this playbook has been tested and PROVEN to work with all ages and competitive levels.

So you can feel 100% confident using these "plug and play" strategies with YOUR team... no matter how little (or how much) experience your players have!

Lemme break this down in more detail.

What Is A 3-2 Offense?

If you're not familiar with it, the 3-2 offensive formation is one of the most highly used and trusted tactics in all of basketball.

It places your best ballhandlers and shooters around the three point arc to create maximum spacing.

While keeping your "bigs" close to the basket for deep post-up opportunities and layups.

Coaches love it because it's flexible, easy to use, and simple to teach.

And players love it because the wide open spacing gives them plenty of room to maneuver, and plenty of chances to create high percentage shots.

Here's a quick sample of the specific plays you'll learn...

3/2 Triple Screens: An awesome "quick hitter" that gets your shooting guard and small forward WIDE open on the wing for a easy jumper
3/2 Pick and Roll: If you've got a talented ballhandler... this one's a "must-have" for your playbook. One of my favorite ways to get middle penetration and create high percentage shots
Butler: A nifty quick scoring play that forces the defense to contract into the paint, then uses downscreens to free up your point guard for a wide open shot on the baseline
The best way to pull a post defender AWAY from the basket, opening up driving lanes for your guards and forwards and getting you tons of easy baskets!
3/2 Low Chase: A motion-based offense that's simple enough to run with youth basketball teams... but powerful enough to score against the toughest defenses
3/2 Reverse Stagger: Foolproof way to free up your 2-guard for an easy catch and shoot jumper on the wing. (I like running this play after a timeout and catching the defense off guard!)
Dribble Weave: A killer dribble-handoff set that's great for clock management situations. Keeps your offense moving and eats time off the clock... while still giving your offense the chance to create high quality shots!
Boston Motion 1: A quick pick and roll gets your center and power forward moving through the paint... perfect for the high-low post-up!
Boston Motion 2: Looking for a post isolation? This play will have your 5-man establishing DEEP post position and dominating the paint!
Boston Motion 3: This is a great counter once the defense adjusts to Boston 1 and 2. Your small forward comes off a staggered double screen and cuts hard to the hoop. Easy layups all day!!
Boston Motion 4: Another great counter that includes a back door screen for the 3-man, a staggered double screen for your 2-man, and a deep, low post seal for your center.
A no-brainer technique to initiate your 3-2 offense and get the ball moving. Run this quick set if your players are standing around too much, or having trouble entering the ball to the wing.
Flash Cuts: A wickedly effective set play with plenty of scoring options, including a high-post 1 on 1 isolation, a tricky "fake screen" backdoor cut, and a "handoff screen" that's guaranteed to get your team attacking the basket!


Best of all...

This Playbook Shows You Exactly
How To Run Each Play... And The
BEST Way To Teach It!

Listen. I'm not just handing you a stack of scribbled notes on a paper napkin and telling you to figure it out on your own.

To shorten the learning curve and really make sure you and your players "get" this stuff immediately, every play is explained with detailed diagrams and "brain dead" simple coaching tips and pointers.

You'll get step by step details and illustrations explaining:


The goal of the play and how you'll use it to score
Detailed responsibilities for each position, 1 through 5
Primary, secondary, and "release" options
Reads, options and counters to help you outsmart opposing coaches


So you can take this information to the court TONIGHT, install the plays at your next practice and start using them at your very next game!

Get Instant Access From Anywhere In The World!

The 3-2 Offense Playbook is delivered to you in PDF format, so you can get instant digital access... right over your computer screen, smartphone, tablet, or eReader... from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection!

That means you can download these plays to any device (or print them out) and bring them to practice tonight!

There's no waiting for the mailman to show up. And no shipping or handling costs either.

Don't let the size of this short playbook fool you. Over 100 hours of research (and many thousands of dollars) went into this project.

The plays contained inside are simple, proven and FAST to learn, so you can start using them at your very next practice (tonight if you want).

Why Do All That Research Yourself?

How much is your time worth? Think about it, why should you go out and duplicate all the time and effort I put into this research? I've done the trial and error for you, so you don't have to.

This system is guaranteed to work with kids of all ages, from Bitty Ball through High School - no if's, and's or but's about it.


The confidence you'll feel, walking onto the court at your next practice, armed with an arsenal of creative basketball plays your players will love.
The peace of mind you'll have, knowing that you can successfully attack any man-to-man defense your opponent throws at you.
The fun and satisfaction you'll experience, watching your team pile up the wins, and watching your players develop a love for the game that will last them a lifetime!


Why It's Just $7

If you're thinking, "$7 is so cheap - what's the catch?" - there isn't one.

Listen, I know that coaching youth basketball is loads of fun, but it's a lot of work too. And I've devoted my life to helping folks like you save time and energy, while experiencing more success with your team.

In fact, I'm only charging $7 for three reasons.


$7 puts the playbook within reach for the vast majority of people. It's not expensive for even the humblest beginner
Anyone who won't invest $7 in this playbook isn't serious enough to follow this system anyway
Anyone who can afford to invest the price of a fast food dinner and take the time to learn these plays… can immediately and dramatically improve their team's offensive firepower and win more games!


So if you're serious about becoming a better coach, and if you would like to instantly have a proven 3-2 Offense playbook, click the Add to Cart button below now.

If you need to justify the expense, skip going to McDonalds for dinner once this week and it's paid for.

My Double You'll Love It Guarantee

Guarantee #1 - If for any reason, you think this playbook isn't the best $7 you've ever spent, just send me an email within 60 days of purchase and I'll gladly refund you the whole 7 dollars.

Guarantee #2 - If you actually use these plays and don't get a ton of easy layups and wide open shotsl, I'll actually refund TWICE your money.

All I ask is that you give me an honest effort. How is that for fair?

It's just 18 pages. Short enough to read in one sitting.

But don't be fooled.

There's more real, actionable information jammed into this playbook, than you'll get reading a dozen books.

The methods inside have worked for other people just like you, and it's 100% guaranteed to work so you can't possibly lose money. It's a no brainer.

And to make sure you really hit the ground running, I'm also going throwing in two exclusive bonuses valued at $69.90!


Bonus Coaching Resource ($49.95 value)

Full Team Playbook License

After you download the playbook, you have my permission to reprint up to 20 copies of it for your own coaching staff and players... so you can get your entire team up to speed as quickly as possible!

PLEASE NOTE: the playbook is copyrighted so you can't share it with other teams or post it online (trust me - you're going to want to keep these wickedly effective plays to yourself anyway!)


Bonus Coaching Resource ($29.95 value)

Special Situations Playbook

Includes 9 championship proven plays for handling those special "late game" situations.

You'll learn how to score with less than 2 seconds on the clock... how to use up clock when your team is ahead... how to safely get the ball inbounds when your opponent is fouling... and a lot more!

Full Court "Home Run" For a 2-pointer
Full Court "Home Run" For a 3-pointer
End of Game Press Break
Stall Offense
And a lot more...


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Time is very much "of the essence." If you want to develop a dominant youth basketball team this season, you need to start right now.

This playbook is so essential I'm practically giving it away because I want to make sure you take the simple steps to becoming a offensive mastermind.

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WARNING: You Will Make Mistakes

There's an old saying - pioneers get scalped, while settlers prosper.

I've already done the research... spent the time filtering out what doesn't work… and compiling it all into this incredible "best of" 3-2 Offense collection.

There's no need to waste your time searching the web for unproven ideas, or spend hundreds of dollars on coaching clinics. Just download the 3-2 Offense Playbook and you'll get instant access to 14 proven half-court offense plays... plus 9 special situations plays you can start using today!

Click here to get instant access to the
3-2 Offense Playbook now for just $7!

PS - Remember, you get a full 60 days to review all the plays and see if they work for you. And if you're not 100% satisfied I'll send you DOUBLE your money back!

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