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New Simplified Playbook Reveals...

11 Proven Ways To Score Against A Zone Defense

Dear Coach,

Have you ever felt discouraged, playing against a zone defense?

Watched helplessly while your team struggles to move the ball, chucks up bad shots or commits ghastly turnovers?

Well... join the club. Nearly every basketball coach on the planet has felt the frustration of facing a tight, well-executed zone... and not having a CLUE how to crack it.

It's discouraging for you.

It's demoralizing for your players.

And it can take the fun right out of the game.

Whether or not it's "fair" or "appropriate" to play zone is irrelevant. The fact is... successful youth basketball teams all over the world are using zone defense to shut down their opponents and win games.

And if you don't have a proven, effective strategy to attack their zone, you're putting your team at a MAJOR disadvantage.

That's why we created this new playbook for coaches.

Introducing The Ultimate Zone Offense Playbook

Here's a quick rundown of what's included in the playbook...

  • CC Stack: a quick-hitting zone offense that overloads one side of the lane, and uses quick curl cuts and screens to get your best finisher rolling to the hoop for an easy two!
  • A nifty "pin down" play that isolates your center under the basket with the defender sealed behind him. Just catch, turn and score!
  • MassBay Zone Set: The best offense to use when you have a power forward with some shooting range. Stretches the defense out and creates easy cutting lanes for your shooting guard and center!
  • Mount Union Box: Uses rapid "inside-out" cuts to stretch out the zone and clear the lane for a post-up isolation on the block. An excellent way to get scoring opportunities for your "bigs"
  • The best way to free up your shooting guard for an easy foul line jumper
  • Rodeo: An awesome play that overloads the defense to one side of the court, then uses a simple little "flex cut" to get your 4-man wide open for a baseline layup
  • Castleton Cuts: A wickedly effective offense that uses rapid ball movement and quick cuts to create multiple scoring opportunities for all 5 players
  • Overload: A classic (and easy to learn) zone offense that uses "X-cuts" to free up your 4 and 5 players for some high-low passing action
  • Penetration: If you've got a strong point guard - this is the play for you. It uses dribble penetration and screens to collapse the zone inwards, then kicks the ball out for wide open shots!
  • Perimeter: A great way to wear the zone down with smart ball movement and sneaky "back door" cuts
  • Skip: Uses quick passes from the high post or short corner to open up gaping seams in the defense (highly recommended if your "bigs" can handle the ball)

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