Finally! A Complete Step by Step System For Successfully Coaching Youth Basketball

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You're about to discover a simple, step by step formula for "injecting" your team with top-notch skills, winning more games, and getting more fun and satisfaction out of your coaching role.


The Youth Basketball Success System is the most comprehensive coaching resource we've ever offered.

It's jam-packed with dozens of essential drill progressions, coaching tips, plays, and strategies designed specifically for players age 6-16.

No matter what age level you coach, or how experienced (or inexperienced) your players are... I guarantee you'll find TONS of new drills and practice ideas that WILL translate to better performance for your team.

9 Online Video Modules

More than 5 hours and 42 minutes of step by step basketball coaching instruction. Jam-packed with championship-proven drills and coaching tips.

  • Module 1: Footwork Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Shooting Layups
  • Module 3: Jump Shots, Set Shots & Free Throws
  • Module 4: Ballhandling Mastery
  • Module 5: Individual Defense and Rebounding
  • Module 6: Simplified Zone Offense
  • Module 7: Simplified Team Defense
  • Module 8: Simplified Motion Offense
  • Module 9: Simplified Fast Break Offense

A Step by Step Roadmap For Coaching Youth Basketball

  • Skill-Building Drills

    To develop the fundamentals and improve your team’s skill level

  • Coaching Tips and Strategies

    To engage your kids in practice, keep them focused, and motivate them to play their best!

  • Championship Tested Plays

    To out-smart your opponents and win more games!

Your Online Instructors

More than 77 years of championship-level coaching experience at your fingertips

Bruce Brown

  • Member of John Wooden's Wall of Honor
  • National Athletic Director of the Year
  • Special presenter for NAIA Champions of Character program
  • Championship basketball coach at the junior high, high school and college levels

Jerry Krause

  • Director of Basketball Operations, Gonzaga University
  • Most published basketball author of all time
  • Research chair at National Association of Basketball Coaches
  • Selection committee member - Basketball Hall of Fame

Module #1 - Footwork Fundamentals

  • 21 drills designed to improve players’ footwork and enhance their ability to play offense, defense and rebound.
  • Offensive footwork drills that will dramatically improve your cutting, screening, and 1 on 1 dribble moves
  • Defensive footwork drills to cut off penetration, stifle your opponent's offense, and shut down their scoring!
  • And a lot more...

Module #2 - Ballhandling Mastery

  • 8 fun and effective ballhandling drills that develop top notch strength and dexterity with BOTH hands (strong and weak)
  • The 4 off the dribble crossover moves every serious player should know.
  • How to get your players to always catch in the “triple threat position” so that the defensive player is immediately at a disadvantage!
  • And a lot more...

Module #3 - Layup Shooting Skills and Drills

  • A simple step by step method for teaching basic layup fundamentals. From layup footwork, to layup shooting technique, to game situation layup drills
  • 7 fun and easy drills that will "program" layup fundamentals directly into your players muscle memory
  • Sneaky (yet totally legal) ways to get more layups inside your half court offense.
  • And a lot more...

Module #4 - Shooting Skills and Drills

  • Proven drills and techniques for teaching free throws, set shots, and jumpshots
  • 11 different field goal progression drills that your players will absolutely LOVE!
  • 4 keys that will immediately make anyone a better and more consistent free throw shooter!
  • And a lot more...

Module #5 - Individual Defense and Rebounding

  • How to use close outs, lead steps, dribbler control, shot contesting and more to become shut-down one-on-one defenders!
  • 3 time-tested rebounding drills that teach your players to aggressively go after the ball! Your team will OWN the boards, even if you're small, skinny, and can't jump!
  • How to get in a proper defensive stance and then use space, hands and positioning to shut down your opponents
  • And a lot more...

Module #6 - Simplified Team Defense

  • How to teach basic, intermediate and advanced help defense concepts, so all 5 defenders move "on a string" and take away your opponent's best shots!
  • How to defend give and go’s, backdoor screens and more so that the team you’re playing never gets an “easy hoop”!
  • One simple technique that immediately throws a monkey wrench in your opponent's offense (this alone is worth the price of the videos)
  • And a lot more...

Module #7 - Simplified Fast Break Offense

  • How to train your players to shift from defense to offense at the drop off a hat, and get easy layups in transition all game long!
  • A simple a "secondary break" offensive system that gets you boatloads of high percentage scoring chances (when the initial fast break is not there).
  • The fastest, easiest way to break ANY full court press.
  • And a lot more...

Module #8 - Simplified Zone Offense

  • How to beat zones by using gap integration and by getting the ball into the hands of your best shooters!
  • 4 powerfully effective drills you can use to build up your players shooting and rebounding skills within a zone motion offense!
  • 3 factors that make zones easier to attack than man-to-man
  • And a lot more...

Module #9 - Simplified Motion Offense

  • The #1 thing your team MUST do to run a really successful motion offense... and exactly how to teach this skill in practice!
  • Two specific motion offenses – the gate and the five-man open post – and how to use either of them to get a great, high percentage shot against any defense!
  • 5 super-effective drills to build essential motion offense skills
  • And a lot more...

That's more than 9 hours and 37 minutes of incredible content, jam-packed with proven drills, plays, and tactics.

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