Discover 23 Simple Set Plays To Get Your Team An Easy Basket!

Introducing The Ultimate Quick Hitters Playbook

Introducing the new Quick Hitter Offenses Playbook. It's jam-packed with 23 championship-proven set plays to get your team an easy layup or wide open jumper!

So what's a Quick Hitter?

Quick Hitters are an essential part of every elite team's playbook. And they're proven to work at ALL levels, from youth league to the pros.

So why do they work so well?

By changing up your offensive set, it shows the defense a look they haven't seen before, and throws them hopelessly off balance.

While they're scrambling to pick up their man and make the right rotation, your players are calmly executing the play.

Cut -- Pass -- Screen -- Layup -- Boom. Another "W" For Your Team

Quick Hitters are simple by design, so they're easy to execute under pressure, even when your kids are tired or nervous.

And they're versatile too. Perfect any time you need to seize the momentum and take control of the game.

You can use these plays to...

  • Take advantage of a mismatch in the post or on the perimeter
  • Get a specific player more involved in the offense
  • Surprise your opponent after a timeout or free throw
  • Get a high quality "buzzer beater" to win the game
  • Start off a half or quarter with a confidence building possession
  • Get an open three for your best shooter

Here's a small sample of what's included:

  • Iowa Back Door: A "brain dead" simple way to clear out the lane and get easy back door layups!
  • How to use the "Waycross Skip" to get a wide open layup with just 3 quick passes. Bing-bang-boom. Two points!
  • Wyoming Circle: How to "bait" the pick and roll so your opponent over-commits to the screener - and leaves the weak-side cutter wide open for an easy layup.
  • How to pull the help defense out of position and isolate your best slasher on the wing. This one is GREAT if you have a talented shooting guard or small forward!
  • V-Series: How to use back screens and high-low passing to create high percentage shots for your center or shooting guard
  • Got a "big man" who can shoot it? This "Oregon" Quick Hitter will free him up on the three point line for a WIDE open jumper your opponents will never expect!
  • Waycross Flex: Awesome set play that runs defenders through multiple staggered screens, creating easy scoring chances for your point guard or center
  • The best way to isolate your point guard at the top of the key. This one is a "must have" if you've got a talented playmaker at the "1" position
  • 1-4 Rub: A super-simple (yet highly effective) quick hitter that's perfect for youth basketball teams.
  • How to run a "Big to Big" pick and roll from the elbow. Defenders will NEVER see this coming.
  • Blazer: A nifty handoff play that clears out the strong side and gives your point guard an easy driving lane to the basket. This is one of my all-time favorites for buzzer beater situations...
  • The best "counter" play for your 3-2 motion offense. If your opponent is starting to cheat on your downscreens, this clever little "tweak" will fool them every time!

Quick Hitter Offense Plays Developed By Championship Coaches

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