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Dear Friend,

Today, I want to give you the greatest gift one basketball coach could give another.

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A treasure trove of time-tested drills, shortcuts and coaching secrets to help coaches at EVERY level save time, improve their player's skills and win more games.

This is the culmination of more than 32 years studying the game.

Hundreds of DVDs, books, and live clinics... boiled down to the most essential techniques and strategies.

Cheat sheets, checklists and templates to accelerate your improvement.

All Designed To Streamline Your Coaching and Accelerate Your Team's Success

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Inside, you'll get instant access to 12 step by step Skill Development Plans covering every facet of the game.

From shooting and scoring... to motion offense... to practice planning... to defense and rebounding... to leadership and motivation... zone offense... teaching and communication... and much, much more.

It's everything you need to take your coaching skills to the next level... and dominate your league this season!

You'll also get instant access to our Complete Coaching Library, packed with more than 398 drills, plays and coaching tips.

Plus, our entire collection of Coaching Cheat Sheets and Award Certificates. All designed to save you time and make your life easier.

Component #1

12 Step by Step Skill Development Plans

In all that's more than 107 step by step video segments.

Valued at $219.45.

All designed to skyrocket your coaching skills and help your team win more games.

And once you see how incredibly natural, astonishingly effective and ridiculously EASY these techniques are to learn... you'll wonder why nobody ever taught you these secrets before!

This is NOT a Random Collection of Videos You Can Find on YouTube

Each Skill Development Plan follows a proven progression of carefully selected drills and plays that you won't find anywhere else.

They're simple to learn and easy to teach. No matter how little (or how much) basketball experience you have right now.

And you know you can trust this advice, because it comes from some of the most accomplished and respected coaches on the planet!

Our "Dream Team" of Instructors

Component #2

Complete Coaching Library

More than 398 drills, plays and coaching tips... right at your fingertips!

Our coaching library is jam-packed with incredible content for coaches at every level. Whether you're looking for new practice ideas, tips on how to break a press, or motivational tips for players, you'll find it here!

Easily a $99 value.

Component #3

35+ Printable Coaching "Cheat Sheets"

You'll also get instant access to our printable PDF cheat sheets and checklists... breaking down all the drills, plays and coaching strategies from the Skill Development Plans.

Simply print them out, or save to your phone and bring them right to the gym! Guaranteed to save you time and streamline your coaching job.

A $29 value.

Component #4

43 Printable Basketball Award Certificates

Keep your team happy and motivated with these professionally designed award certificates.

Each one is an editable PDF file you can fill out right on your computer screen. Or simply print and fill out by hand.

Includes Hustle Award, Most Valuable Player, Defensive Stopper Award, Best Supporting Parent, Most Improved Player and a lot more!

A $29 value.

That's a $376.45 Value. Yours Today For Just $17!

Why waste time and energy finding your own drills and plays... when you can tap into more than 93 years of basketball coaching experience and get the best stuff straight from the source!

No more desperately searching the web for last-minute drill ideas.

No more haphazard practices.

No more crestfallen kids and frustrated parents after another disappointing loss.

eBasketballCoach Pro instantly gives you the skills, knowledge and tools you need to accelerate your team's performance, win more games, and finally become the coach you've always wanted to be!

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We'll continue to add new content to eBasketballCoach Pro all year long. So you can keep improving your coaching skills, and keep bringing fun, fresh ideas to practice.

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  • 12 Skill Development Plans packed with 107 step by step videos ($219.45 value)
  • Detailed instruction from Hall of Fame Coaches
  • Complete Coaching Library With 398+ Drills and Plays ($99 value)
  • 35+ Printable Coaching Cheat Sheets ($29 value)
  • 43 Printable Basketball Award Certificates ($29 value)

That's a $376.45 value - yours today for just $17!