Dramatically Improve Your Basketball Team's Skills With FUN Station-Based Drills!

Did you know that 8 out of 10 basketball coaches walk into the gym without any type of practice plan?

It's easy to understand why.

Most of us are volunteer coaches, helping out so we can spend more time with our kids.

Or make a difference in our community.

And with work, family commitments and travel... it's almost impossible to find time for practice-planning!

That's why we've introduced this little workaround for busy coaches:

The secret to rapid skill development is practice efficiency.

Our Print and Post Basketball Stations help you make the best possible use of your gym time.

So your kids move quickly from drill to drill. And get the maximum number of reps in the least amount of time.

There's no standing around. No boring drills that put your players to sleep. And no "dead time" where kids can start goofing off.

Your team stays engaged, paying attention and FOCUSED. And your entire practice runs on autopilot!

Here are the tools to make this happen.

Component #1

22 Printable Station Posters

We've selected 22 proven drills that focus on fundamental skills, while challenging your athletes to get better every day.

Each drill is explained on a printable poster, which you can keep in your coaching binder, hand off to an assistant coach or parent helper, or simply tape to the wall inside the gym!

The poster features an illustration and diagram of the drill, along with a written description and modifications to make it easier or harder.

So your kids can quickly glance at the poster and know exactly what to do at each station (no standing around!)

Here Are The Stations Included

Component #2

15 Station Master Plans

Here's what makes this system really easy to use.

In addition to the Station Posters, you'll also receive 15 printable Station Master Plans, showing you exactly what stations to run and how to run them.

Each master plan runs from 15 to 30 minutes in length, and includes drill illustrations, rotation schedules, and number of baskets required.

So all you need is a whistle and a stopwatch. The practice practically runs itself!

Just 3 Simple Steps To Amazing Practices!

Step 1: Print

Select a Station Master Plan that fits with the time you have available, the number of baskets in your gym, and the skills you want to emphasize (offense, defense, shooting, passing etc).

Print out the Station Posters for the workout you selected.  The posters print right from your home or office printer onto standard 8.5 X 11 inch paper.

Step 2: Post

Create the station by taping the poster to the wall in the desired location, or simply handing off the poster to your assistant coach or parent helper.

Explain each drill and give a quick demonstration, using the instructions we provided.

Divide your team up into groups of similar skill level. Place one group at each station.

Explain to your players that they're going to be at each station for a set number of minutes, and are required to hustle to the next station each time your whistle is blown.

Step 3: Practice

On your whistle, the stations begin! Have a stopwatch handy and blow your whistle to signal the rotation.

Rotate through the stations for 15-30 minutes, using the Master Plan as your reference.

Once the rotations are complete, give the kids a water break. You can use one Master Plan for each practice, or run multiple plans back to back! Just print, post and repeat!

Simple, Fun and Easy To Use

  • Works For Groups of All Sizes

    You can use these stations with small groups, large groups, partner workouts, or even individual training!

  • Fast and Easy To Use

    Everything is explained with clear illustrations, diagrams, and coaching tips.

  • Works for Players of All Ages

    Whether you coach 6 year olds, 16 year olds or 26 year olds, there’s something here to rapidly build your team’s skills.

  • Easily Adjust Difficulty Level

    Along with each drill we include difficulty modifications so you can adjust the intensity level up or down for your specific age group.

  • 22 Fun, Skill Building Drills

    Your players won’t get bored with these time-tested drills.  Use our pre-designed station plans or mix and match to create your own!

  • No Standing Around

    Each station poster includes clear illustrations and written instructions.  Your athletes will always know what to do – so you should never catch them standing around!

Here's How it Works:

  • Secure Instant Access

    As soon as your order is securely processed, we’ll direct you to our members area, where you can get instant access to the printable posters and workouts.

  • Download To Your Computer or Mobile Device

    The files are delivered in PDF format, so you can download them to your computer, or directly to your mobile device.

  • Print!

    Print out as many of the station posters or master plans as you need (year after year!)

Our Promise to You:

We are so sure that you will love the Print & Post Basketball Stations that we are offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with the workouts, all you have to do is notify us within 60 days of your date of purchase and we will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

That’s TWO FULL MONTHS to put these fun turn-key workouts to the test!


  • q-iconWhat age level are these drills for?

    These drills can be done with athletes of any age and ability level. We’ve include difficulty modifications so you can adjust the intensity level up or down for any player.

  • q-iconHow long does it take to set up?

    The first time you run each station, we’d recommend spending 5-10 minutes explaining the drill and demonstrating the skills involved.

    Once your players “get it” – the stations can pretty much run on auto-pilot! Just print, post and go!

  • q-iconDo I have to use the workout templates provided, or can I make my own?

    It’s up to you! The 15 station plans are 100% turn-key, you don’t have to think about which order you should put the drills or how long to run them for. However, feel free to select any of the 22 drills you like and mix and match to design your own station plan.

  • q-iconHow many players and baskets are required?

    We’ve provided a wide range of station plans for every situation. Some require 10 players and 4 baskets. Some can be done with only 2 players and no baskets at all. Bottom line – we guarantee you’ll find valuable practice ideas that will dramatically improve your team’s skill level, and eliminate your coaching stress!

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