Hubie Brown's Basketball Coaching Bootcamp

2-Time NBA Coach of the Year Exposes The Championship Proven Basketball Coaching Tactics and Strategies Anyone Can Use To Dominate Your League and Blow Your Competition Out of the Gym!

After winning 528 pro basketball games, two NBA coach of the year awards, and being inducted into the basketball hall of fame...

This 79 year old legend is breaking his silence to reveal a simple, natural, and amazingly effective basketball coaching system that literally forces your team to play harder and smarter than you ever thought possible!

It's all revealed inside this incredible step by step basketball coaching roadmap... which anyone can follow, whether you're a complete newbie or an experienced veteran.

Hubie Brown's Basketball Coaching Boot Camp contains 6 full-length online video clinics that are jam-packed with meaty content, plus 4 special reports to drive home key concepts and accelerate your learning curve.

You get over 5 hours and 25 minutes of wall-to-wall basketball coaching gold that you can access today - on your computer screen, smartphone or tablet - with the click of a mouse button.

These are the kinds of tips and tactics that are hidden from most "regular" coaches like you and me. For example...

  • Skill Development

    Fun and effective drills to rapidly improve key basketball skills.

  • Motivation

    Game-tested motivational strategies to boost your team’s performance

  • Practice Plans

    Minute by minute practice “cheat sheets” for every phase of the season

  • Plays and Strategies

    Proven offensive and defensive tactics to help you win more games

Here's What's Included

Cycle of Achievement

65 minutes - $40.00 value

  • 4 little known strategies to win with less talent
  • The #1 secret to winning close games
  • How to use your own "personal presence" to command respect from your team
  • How to increase practice intensity with a simple "timing" trick
  • And a lot more!

Gaining The Edge

36 Minutes - $40.00 value

  • The best way to command the respect of your players
  • 3 keys to forming excellent practice habits
  • How to plan a full year of practices - from pre-season to playoffs
  • A simple tweak that DOUBLES the effectiveness of your time outs and pep talks
  • And a lot more!

Offensive Spacing Secrets

42 Minutes - $40.00 value

  • A "sneaky" screening technique that gets your post player wide open on the block - every time!
  • 6 spacing keys that work against man OR zone
  • How to instantly double your offensive rebounds per game
  • 4 fast break rules that will get you 5-10 extra layups per game
  • And a lot more!

Offensive Sets

41 Minutes - $40.00 value

  • The best way to overload a zone (and gets tons of wide open shots)
  • Screen and roll tactics that work for all levels
  • Hubie's most highly recommended offense for youth and high school teams (this may surprise you!)
  • The #1 secret for reading the defense and exploiting their weaknesses
  • And a lot more!

Defensive Tactics

70 Minutes - $40.00 value

  • The 2 critical building blocks that all successful defenses are built on.
  • 10 time-tested defensive drills that MUST be part of your practices
  • How to spring a devastating half court trap
  • 5 keys to shutting down your opponent's fast break
  • And a lot more!

Special Situations

45 Minutes - $40.00 value

  • 3 ways to legally "steal" offensive rebounds on foul shots.
  • Baseline, sideline, and full court inbounds plays
  • How to get an easy layup in 3 seconds or less
  • What every coach should know about breaking the press
  • And a lot more!

You'll Also Get These 4 Exclusive
Basketball Coaching Reports!

  • Bonus Report #1

    17 Laws of Basketball Offense ($19.00 value)

  • Bonus Report #2

    11 Laws Of Basketball Defense ($19.00 value)

  • Bonus Report #3

    Practice Planning Formula ($19.00 value)

  • Bonus Report #4

    Basketball Coaching Bible ($19.00 value)

Add it all up, and this package is easily worth $316.00. But you can have the entire collection

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