Attention High School Basketball Coaches

Download 35 Winning Basketball Plays for Ages 14-18

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As Seen On:

Dear Coach,

Do you need help generating more offense for your middle school or high school team? 

Tired of struggling to score? 

Sick of losing games that you should have won?

Then you need Winning High School Basketball Plays!

This new eBook is jam-packed with 35 proven strategies to help you get more buckets. 

Against man to man... against zone... inbounds plays... press breaks... early offense... and special situations. It's everything you need to supercharge your team's offense and start winning more games today.

Best part - it's 100% digital and ready to print. So you can download the PDF and start practicing these plays right away!

What's Inside

The book is broken down into 6 sections, covering every basketball situation you need to know.


5 Half Court Offense Plays

High 1 Motion
3 Down High Low
Oakton Flex Offense
Bump Flex
Viking Flex


8 Set Plays & Quick Hitters

Jazz + Counters 
Diamond Pick and Roll
Alley Post Up
Butter Backscreens
Mater Dei Horns
4 High Dribble Handoff
1-4 Counter
Gopher Backdoor


6 Zone Offense Plays

Utah Zone Offense
O-Skip vs 2-3
Ohio State Zone Offense
Detroit Zone Offense
Swing Zone Offense
Kansas Overload


5 Baseline Inbounds Plays

Oakton Box
Triangle 5
Baseline Seal for 5
Baseline Sweep


4 Sideline Inbounds Plays