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It's the one thing your basketball team can always control.

Some days... your offense just doesn't click.

Your kids can't hit the side of a barn with their jumpers. They forget how to dribble... or can't catch a simple pass.

But you can always ratchet up the defensive intensity... put pressure on your opponents... and make it hard for the other team to score.

So What Makes a Great Defensive Team?

2 things.

Technique. And effort.

If you can teach your kids the fundamentals of individual and team defense

... how to close out against shooters... how to provide help from the weak side... how to finish a posession with a solid box out and rebound...

And... if you can motivate them to compete with high level of intensity...

Then you'll always be in the game. No matter who your playing.

But Here's The Challenge

Teaching the proper defensive fundamentals can be a real chore. It's hard to keep the drills fun and interesting for the kids.

And with all the commitments in your life (work, kids etc), you probably don't have time to research new drills or plan out a proper defense-themed practice.

That's why we created these Print n' Go Practice Plans.

We've done the hard work for you. And created six defense-focused practice sessions you can take right to the court.

No stress. No fuss.

You just have fun with the kids and take all the credit.

The Fastest, Easiest Way To Run a Killer Defensive Practice

With this easy-to-use resource, it takes just 30 seconds to prepare an amazing defense-themed practice, packed with skill-building drills your players will LOVE.

No stress. No fuss. No wasted time.

Inside, you get instant access to 14 fun and effective drills for individual and team defense.

All organized into six printable practice plans you can take right to the gym.

So no matter how busy you are, you can run a KILLER basketball practice that rapidly improves your team's defensive skills... starting tonight!

Here's How It Works

  • Download

    Save the PDF file directly to your computer or mobile device

  • Print

    Print out the practice plan and review the drills

  • Practice

    Run a fun, effective and stress-free practice your players will love!

You'll Get 14 Simple Drills for Individual and Team Defense

We've broken down all the key defensive fundamentals your players need to learn - from perimeter defense, to post defense, taking charges, help-side rotations, guarding ball screens and defensive rebounding. It's all here!

Each drill is featured on a one-page mini-poster, including simple, step by step instructions, diagrams, and full-color illustrations. So they're easy to understand... and easy to teach to your kids!

  • Chair Stance Drill
  • Partner Close Out Drill
  • One on One Drill
  • Shuffle and Slide Drill
  • 30 Second Lane Slides
  • 60 Second Pepper
  • Take the Charge Drill
  • 4 vs 4 Shell Drill
  • Ball Screens - Fighting Through
  • Ball Screens - Switching
  • Ball Screens - Hedging
  • Ball Screens - Trapping
  • Sumo Drill
  • Box Out and Rebound

Plus 6 Print n' Go Defense-Themed Practice Plans

Your package also includes six  minute by minute practice plans, complete with illustrations and time blocks to keep you on track.

Each practice is focused on individual and team defensive fundamentals. Designed to teach your kids the most essential defensive skills, and immediately boost your in-game performance.

Just print out the plan (or save it to your phone), head to the court, and get ready to run a killer practice!

  • Two x 60 Minute Practice Plans for Beginner Teams
  • Two x 90 Minute Practice Plans for Intermediate Teams
  • Two x 120 Minute Practice Plans for Advanced Teams

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On Ball Defense Cheat Sheet

Defending the Post Cheat Sheet

Blocking Out Cheat Sheet

Closing Out Cheat Sheet

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60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident in these basketball practice plans that we’re going to put our money (and reputation) on the line.

Try one of these plans at your next practice. If you don’t think it was one of the most stress-free, effective and efficient practices you’ve EVER had… just write back and we’ll give you a full, fast and cheerful refund.

No questions asked. No fine print. No wiggle clauses.

You love the plans or you don’t pay for them. Period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the fence? Check out these answers to the most common questions customers ask...

  • q-iconWhat age is this designed for?

    The drills range from basic fundamentals that can be used with any age group, to advanced concepts which are more appropriate for experienced teams. To make it easy, we’ve organized the plans into Beginner (60 mins), Intermediate (90 mins) and Advanced (120 mins). You can use the plans as-is, or modify them as needed to fit the needs of your team.

  • q-iconDo I need any special equipment?

    Nope. Just balls and a hoop. You can use cones to help mark out positions on the court, but they’re not mandatory.

  • q-iconHow do I access the drills? Is there anything to wait for in the mail?

    It’s all digital. As soon as your order is securely processed, we’ll send you into the members area where you can access everything in PDF format. You can download the drills and plans to your computer, print a hard copy, or save them to your mobile device.

  • q-iconWhat if I'm not happy with the material?

    All of our products come with a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the material for ANY reason (or no reason at all), just write back and let us know – we’ll give you a full, fast and cheerful refund right away.

What Coaches Are Saying

Showed me which fundamentals to work on at every practice, and how to incorporate new concepts. For inexperienced coaches, it's a good introductory how to. And it has good info for the more experienced coach looking for new ideas.

David Coenen, 7th grade Appleton North Girls Basketball Club, Appleton, WI

Our team went from having a four win season to going 18-4! Thanksgiving Preseason Champs, Runner up in the League Championship, & The Elementary Citywide Champs! The plans made my practices easy to run & gave the players skills to use in game time situations.

Willie Warren, Johnsontown Road Elementary, Louisville, Kentucky

With your help, I coached my 6th grade elementary team to an undefeated season (11-0) and winning the Elk Grove Unified School District Basketball Championship. We defeated every opponent by 15 points or more, averaged 54 points per game & our opponents averaged only 31 points per game against us.

Joel Quiban, John Ehrhardt Elementary School, Elk Grove, CA

Our team went from having a four win season to going 18-4! Thanksgiving Preseason Champs, Runner up in the League Championship, & The Elementary Citywide Champs! The plans made my practices easy to run & gave the players skills to use in game time situations.

Willie Warren, Johnsontown Road Elementary, Louisville, Kentucky

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