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Dear Basketball Coach,

How would you like to win more basketball games this season... and spend less time preparing for practices and games?

My name is Coach Pat Anderson, and I'd like to share the wisdom and inside secrets I've discovered in over 27 years as a basketball player and coach.

You can instantly discover the strategies and techniques that over 2,347 coaches from all over the US (and across the entire world) have used to produce astonishing results... with a minimum amount of effort.

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Unique, fun and effective basketball drills explained with step by step instructions and video
Pre-designed practice plans that show you EXACTLY what drills to run, how long to run them for, and how to teach them to your team!
Game-tested basketball plays to get TONS of easy layups and wide open jumpshots
How to score quickly, before the defense has a chance to set up
The absolute best way to execute a half court trap (HINT: use bluffs to keep your opponent guessing about where and when it will come!)


How to teach the concept of "Help Defense" using the 4-man shell drill (this is the single most important thing you can do to help your players succeed at the next level)
And a lot more...

And much more...

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